Sunday, September 4, 2011

Craft Time and Running injury??

Hope Everyone is having a fun Labor Day weekend!

I am  5 weeks out from my half marathon and still struggling with PF, something on the top of my foot that is not a stress fracture (according to x-ray) and now today on my 12 mile run cut down to 8 a hamstring issue?? What's up? Is my body telling me something? I am going to take a few days off and see. I did get some inserts, which I have never used and hope they help with pain....I am determined to run this half!!!

Time for craft time! I saw this on pinterst.
It's from a Women's Day article.

By Woman's Day Staff Posted October 20, 2010 from Woman's Day; November 1, 2010

So I thought why not? I have a few empty wine bottles!

So I cut out 2 triangles and a mouth with painters tape and put it on the wine bottle then primed it. I also paint taped the top of the wine bottle. Then I painted it orange.

Ta Da!! How cute and easy is that!!! We usually have a mini Halloween party so I will maybe make a few more!

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  1. Ah!! I'm not crafty but I love this and GOD knows I have some empty wine bottles!!!!

    Hope these aches and pains clear themselves up! Not fun:(