Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend-Hike, Ride, Run

What a great and busy weekend!

It started with a 3am wake up call on Saturday morning. We decided to hike our first 14er of 2012. Normally we don't start this early since we don't like to hike in winter conditions but we had read that it would be OK.
We started hiking Grays peak at 5:24am. Another first, the earliest we have started in the past was 6am. We were with some newbies though and wanted plenty of time to summit. Overall the hike was great about an hour to the summit were wind gusts of 60mph that was not fun but we just got to the summit took a picture and headed back down. There was some snow on the trail but not bad. Since it was so windy we didn't attempt Torrey's. I guess another day. Another first was sliding down on my butt :) that was fun and scary.

View early in the morning. Grays is on the right and Torrey's the left.

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At the summit

So fun and scary.

 David and I decided to go on a bike ride so we rode 20 miles one way to Golden, CO and back. This was all on bike path, which I love, I am not a fan of riding on the streets with traffic etc. I had a great time and am feeling more comfortable on the bike.

 I went on a trail run at Apex and that was gorgeous. the enchanted forest is one of my favorite trails.

As for summer running and training I am up in the air. My left calf has been hurting pretty bad so I want to bike this week and try to stay off it running. I want to go into summer feeling good. There are a few races I plan on running for fun but I am thinking at this point that I want my main race to be a fall marathon. Most likely the Boulder marathon October 21. I also plan on going to some all-comer track meets which scare the heck out of me but I know will be good for me.

I really enjoyed all of this cross training. I plan to bike a lot more this summer :)

Monday, May 21, 2012


I had a great weekend but the best part was my husband and I went to see Wicked! We decided to splurge as we never go to the theater. Growing up we didn't have cable so it was a big deal to watch the Wizard of Oz once a year when it came on TV. When I was little I had nightmares about the wicked witch. This musical was sooo good! I loved the story and how it changed my thinking about the characters and the songs were awesome. Afterwards we went to the 27th floor of they Hyatt in downtown Denver and had a drink.

Before the show!

27th Floor of the Hyatt.
Has anyone else seen Wicked?

Did you like it?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Palisade Half Marathon

The Palisade half marathon was a great race! It was small race and the course was amazing.
I ran a 1:49, which I was happy with since I had not run speed workouts for the month of April. My hip has also been bothering me and started hurting at mile 1 so I felt like I was mentally tough for this race. We ran along vineyards, the Colorado River and huge mesas! There was a huge hill around mile 4 that which was advertised as 195 ft but it sure seemed a lot longer than that! I started out slower on purpose and that seemed to work for me. I did start to get fatigued at mile 9 but held strong. There was some wind but nothing major.

The views

There were 14 of us from the club that either ran the 10K or the half!

Wine Tasting!