Tuesday, September 23, 2014

6 Months..short and sweet update

Harper is almost 6 Months!! Holy Cow! She is so awesome and is sitting up now. I FINALLY get to use the jogger! I didn't get a BOB so I have been impatiently waiting.

Motherhood is hard, but I love it. I call BS on soo many of the blogs and books out there. Harper doesn't fit into any of their descriptions. She is Harper and I am just trying to read her as best as I can. Good days are amazing and bad days are tough. Luckily she is a happy baby and has many good days!!

I am 6 weeks out to NYC. I have been injured and have been masking it with Advil. So far so good. Have a 13 miler under my belt and plan a 17er this weekend. I just want to feel decent and finish. Every other weekend I trail run so that has been helping with hill work etc.

Almost 6 Months!

I need to run early now with kiddo so I get to see the sunrise :)

Trail run on Saturday