Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eating for Life...

What a great day! At work we had "aqua fest" we encouraged students to drink water instead of pop. It was pretty fun, there were water jugs set up all around school. In the morning Bill Phillips spoke to a group of students as well. I didn't realize that he lived in Colorado! My husband followed this plan when he trained for natural body building competitions. 

His presentation encourages a safe and sound solution which includes eating balanced, nutrient-rich meals, frequently throughout the day. He explained to the students that obesity is becoming a huge problem. He also showed a few easy lifting techniques. Everyone got a free book too!! Maybe I will actually read it and try to follow it :)

Bill and I

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bathroom Re-model REVEAL

Finally we are almost done with the basement!
Here are some before and after pics of the basement bathroom.

It was pretty bad....
My husband made the shelves and I just love them. We also bought the more expensive toilet because I loved the squared top.    
Old sink...anyone like the lights?
AFTER mirror and light fixture. We did everything in oil rubbed bronze.

We also tiled the floor.
I LOVE it!

I am going to share this on BNOTP

Monday, March 5, 2012


This winter has flown by! One of the reasons is my new love....snow shoeing at night!

Eldora, a ski resort near Boulder, had a 6 night series called Nighthawks. Every Wednesday at 6pm there was a cross-country ski race and a snow shoe race. Various distances and routes every time.

The first time I went I actually skate skied. I skate skied in high school. I mean I lived in Minnesota :)
Well since my ski boots were from 1992 they broke while I was skiing. It actually was hilarious because all these Boulder people were in their top notch gear and they were fast and here I am just trying to finish....

So done with that until I get a new pair of cc skis and boots.

Why not try snow shoeing...

The next week I decided to snow shoe. I have a good pair of snow shoes that are for hiking not running but I wasn't going to race just run it for fun. Of course all the Boulder people rent or own the fast running snow shoes ugh...I beat most of them with my slow snow shoes HA!!!

A few of us from the club meet up and drive to Eldora. Since it's on a Wednesday it nice to have an activity mid week. Just the girls. Once we park we go to the nordic lodge and get our bibs and then get all of our gear on. My first snow shoe race was a 4k. At 6pm it's dark up there so we wear headlamps. There are little lights out on the course so you kind of know where to go...although some people get lost.

Meeting at Park and Ride

Our snow shoes

The Lodge

Getting ready to race with our bibs on

So my first race the guy says GO and I am off! It's crazy snow keeps hitting me in the face but it's my snow shoes kicking it up too funny! I ran pretty much the whole way but walked up some big hills. I ended up being 3rd female! It was so gorgeous out there at night and then it started to snow lightly. Just Amazing!!!!
Then when everyone is done we head to the lodge. Well the Boulder peole do. The Arvada people go to my car and get a red cup and pour wine into it. THEN we head to the lodge and it's door prize time!! I ended up winning a Pearl Izumi hat and one other time a handheld bottle.

Next year I plan to do 4 of the 6 races so I can qualify for the age group award. Such a fun adventure!

Have you ever been snow shoeing at night?

Do you have running snow shoes or hiking?