Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The NYC Marathon Recap

I know it's taken a long time to write this. I am the type of person who needs a lot of time to process.

This is my random recap...

On Friday, October 31st I left my 7 month old baby for the first time at 5am. My great friend, Lori, picked me up and drove us to the airport. We got onto our flight easily and on time. There was one hiccup going through security...I had my breast pump with me as we had carry on luggage only and they asked me to step aside and they opened it. They asked is there any liquid in there? I said no not yet. The TSA lady asked again...I caught something that is wet...then I questioned myself and was like did I pump already? (sleep deprived since March people).Oh yeah the freezer pack was in there! AWWW then she said OK that is great you are breastfeeding so inexpensive etc.

Then we got seated and we were almost ready to go and then something was wrong with the plane!
I was like I need to pump! My plan was to pump on the plane since DIA didn't have a pumping room at all. They said I could pump in the family restroom, but I thought it would be easier to pump on the plane in the bathroom.  My friend that I was traveling with is a flight attendant and she said that she had several women do that on her flights.

So I went to the flight attendant and said can I go in there and pump since we aren't moving? She said of course! I get all ready to go and start and then we start moving! I poked my head out and said do I need to sit down and she said if you can yes. AWWWW so I packed up and sat down. We get in the air and I go back and start all over!

We arrived in NYC and our car that we ordered arrived! We drove to our apartment that we rented through homeaway. We rented a 2 bedroom 1 bath, but ended up with a 3 bedroom 2 bath huge apartment! Nothing fancy, but awesome. Great idea to rent I felt like I was on Sex and the City or Friends. However, no amenities that a hotel has.

We settled in quickly and headed to the expo and then the plan was dinner and Wicked. I was a little nervous about pumping somewhere, but there wasn't really time to come back to the apartment just to pump and I didn't want to seem any more high maintenance than I already was!

The expo was Ok....I went to packet pick-up and they asked what size shirt and I said small. I looked at it and said I mean medium. Then I stepped aside and looked at it and decided a large would be best. I turned around and they said we can't take that back. I was like really?! I just got it and it won't fit. I moved on to the next lady and she also gave me a hard time. I was almost in tears and couldn't believe how mean these people were! I know they were volunteers trained to not take any shirts back, but come on I deserve a shirt that fits!! Finally a lady exchanged it quickly so she wouldn't get caught and said hurry and go!

I bought the 5 borough gloves and that was it. Oh and waited about 30 minutes to go to the bathroom! I drink so much water from breastfeeding that I always have to pee.

Then we got on a shuttle and got dropped of near the Wicked theater. We had an awesome dinner at a nearby pub.

We go to Wicked and I ask if there is a place that I can pump at. The ticket guy was super nice and offered a larger bathroom for disabled people. It was kind of hidden. I found it and noticed that there wasn't an outlet.
I have a battery pack, but it doesn't work awesome so I try to only use it if I have to. In this bathroom there was a door. I opened it and there was this little room with a counter, couch and an outlet! Once again I peek my head out and ask the ticket checker if I could use the other room. She kida yelled and so no that is the VIP room. I said oh well no one is in there can i use it. Then she said why? I told her to pump and then she got all nice and said let me call my manager. He let me in and I got to pump in this nice room with a couch and outlet!

Wicked was awesome!!! I saw it in 2011 in Denver and was presently surprised that I had forgotten parts of it.

Our apartment was right next to a Dunkin Donuts!

On Saturday morning Lori was going to run the 5k. Angela and I woke up stopped at Dunkin to get coffee and walked in the rain to watch. It was nice to see the finish line that I would be crossing on Sunday!

Lori kicked butt and in the future that 5k would be a fun race to run!

Saturday we just relaxed at the apartment to stay off our legs plus it was raining and cold outside

We met up with Angela for an awesome Italian dinner.

I didn't sleep well at all as the beds were pretty crappy and it was loud outside.

I thought yeah finally full nights sleep without Harper here. Not so much!

Woke up early Sunday and got ready. Mistake #1 I should have put on my capris and not my shorts, but my shorts have this awesome pocket in them for my goos. The capri pocket was smaller.

Lori walked me to the bus pick-up area. This part was super easy. I got to the start area and I was able to get into the VIP United tent. Well, since it was sooo cold and windy they couldn't have the sides of the tent down. So I just sat in front of this heater for awhile. They had bagels and hand warmers.

I pumped in the porta potty with a electric pump. Not as bad as I thought it would be....then I found the Med tent and gave them my pump to get to the finish area.

By now I was able to get into my corral.

When I started that first mile just did me in. I hate to say it, but mentally that was very hard on me and I am not sure why? I ran a 10:30 first mile. Here's the thing...I was in the last wave and so I felt alone on the bridge...I didn't have anyone to block the wind and it wasn't crowded at all! It was so weird and I thought it was going to be stupid crowded. y legs were pink and I was trying to enjoy the moment, but it just was tough, The 2nd miles was better a 9:0. Then I saw people and I thought this is it! They will carry me! I have ran big races before and usually the crowd helps me a ton. This time I just was annoyed it was weird. I put on my music and just tried to get in my zone. I ended up stopping to pee four times, which hurt my time about 10 minutes according to my Garmin, but again with breastfeeding I need to drink a ton and am always thirsty!

Then I got hungry! I didn't start the race until 9:45 ish and had eaten 2 bagels, but think I needed protein? Normally on my long runs I just had toast and was fine.

At mile 9 I was at a porta potty and was ready to GIVE UP! Everything hip injury had flared up and mentally I  was defeated. I was about to text my friend to come and pick me up I didn't care. I was thinking how selfish am I to leave my baby and run a marathon and what if it effect my milk production!

Then I thought wow my husband will kill me if I spent all this money and only ran 9 miles!!! SO I walked/ran for awhile. A spectator and some peanut butter crackers and I ate a bunch of those and finally started feeling better! needless to say I ran a 2:21 first half and a 2:13 second half!

My favorite part was running into Central park. I also liked the bridges.

I thought people were super pushy and rude. As I was coming into the finish I kicked it in and I was weaving my way through and a guy turned and looked at me and then elbowed me in the boob, which I was shocked and jumped a little and the girl on my left elbowed me to get out of her way. I could not believe it! I was in such shock I couldn't even enjoy the finish ! I was very disappointed in many parts of this race. I really wanted to be positive, but It was disappointing. Also, along the way I was getting a cookie from a spectator and as I was putting it into my mouth a runner came along and bumped into me and it fell on the ground! I yelled hey! and he didn't even turn around.

Time was worst marathon time ever. It would have been ten minutes faster without the potty stops. Actually happy I finished...With the injury and the breastfeeding I think I did all right!

I am glad I completed the race. I am glad that I have done 3 of the 6 major marathons. I may do one international one at some point.

Another fiasco with taking my frozen breast milk on the airplane home, but it all worked out :)

I now am moving on to trail racing and potentially an ultra. I am ready for nicer people and I think I am a strong trail runner.

I would like to run a road marathon in 2016 maybe St. George or a small race nearby!


Mile 1

WICKED Friday Night
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