Friday, August 31, 2012

Hiking history and a month of updates...

I am not the best blogger but I normally am pretty consistent with a post once a week and I feel pretty comfortable with that. However, this past month I have just been too busy I guess! It's already been one month! I did start a new job August 6th so I am pretty sure that is what did it.

Nothing new just lots of hiking and a fun trip to Folly Beach, NC for my step sister's wedding!

I am very proud of my husband and I as we have hiked the most 14er's this summer. We started back in 2007 and only hiked 2. 

2008 -none (we got married that summer and traveled a ton)

2009- 9 Shavano, Tabeguache, Antero, Princeton, Yale, La Plata, Blanca, Ellingwood and Huron

2010-8 Lincoln, Bross, Democrat and (Cameron this one doesn't count on some lists) Pikes Peak, Red Cloud, San Luis Peak,Sunshine, Mt. Holy Cross

2011 -7 Uncompahgre, Missouri,Bierstadt, Handies, Sherman, Wilson Peak and Wetterhorn

2012 -12!!Grays, Torreys, Belford, Oxford, Quandary, Sunlight, Windom, Eolus, Humbolt and Lindsey
Massive this weekend and Elbert the next...

We are going to try to do all of them our number being 55, even though there are more, but they "don't count."

Last weekend we flew to Charleston, NC for my step sister's wedding. It was so nice! They rented a house on the beach and had everything there.

Where can you attend a wedding and an hour before be swimming in the ocean!

Running has been decent. Not getting a ton of miles in but figuring out a nice schedule that coordinates with my new job. One perk is that right outside my door I can run Green Mountain. This is an awesome trail so I really have no excuses once fall hits to run. So far it's just been too hot to run at 4pm. I have not been running with my running club, but I just haven't been around so hopefully I will get back into that!

Life is good!!

On my way up to my first 14er in 2007. My husband took me on a double!!! Harvard and Colombia. Look at my running gear. I had nothing for hiking :)

Me and my sis in 2011 with hiking gear at the summit of Mt. Sherman.

David and I Folly Beach, NC