Friday, June 20, 2014

Almost 3 months old!

Wow people were right when they say time flies with a child! I can't believe Harper will be three months old June 30th! We are having a great summer! Life is good! She is smiling tons and cooing. I love her soo much it's amazing. Breast feeding is going well and I am stocking up on my freezer stash. I go back to work July 31st and am mentally preparing. I think it will be OK. Actually am anxious to see how pumping at work office has tons of windows with blinds...not sure how that will work...stay tuned.

Waiting until our 3 month check-up to make sure Harper's weight is ok and then will start some sleep training. Right now I want her to eat when she needs to in order to gain weight. She was at the low end at our last appointment...although in the 90% for length.

The NYC marathon is November 2! I was interested in hiring a coach for the race. I feel that because I have been coached since 7th grade in either cross-country or track through need a coach as an adult!HA It's so tough to train myself even though I know how to make a schedule etc. I just got used to a coach to help push me etc. The running club helps, but it's not the same.

Well, hiring a coach is pricy. I found one for $50 a month and may use her in the last months if needed,but the New York Road Runners have virtual training programs. I bought the 16 week program for $50. I think that will work for now. I am excited and 16 weeks out starts July 14th!!
I am 12 weeks postpartum and running about 15 miles a week. Hopefully by the 15th I will be up to 20 and go from there. The program seems easy to follow and there is an online component for extra support etc.

Not sure of goals at this point but I dream of  something in the 3's....a 3:45 would be BQ for me (that
doesn't mean I am in though) so for sure that, but hopefully faster.

                                                                 A few pictures...