Friday, October 28, 2011

New morning Running Buddy!

I am getting nervous and excited for marathon training! I will "officially" start Nov. 1st for a 16 week program.

I also figured out that one of the running club ladies lives right by me. So I asked her if she runs in the mornings and she said all the time and loves it. So we will meet around 5:15am and run Tuesday and Thursday mornings! We met this past Thursday at 5:15am in 19 degree weather so I don't think she will bail much. Tuesday we will attempt speed either tempo runs, 800's or 1600's and Thursday just easy miles.

I like getting my runs over in the morning I just hope I can get quality speed in. I am used to running weekly on a track but this program has more tempo runs anyway. If I know I am meeting someone I am much more motivated to get up and run. YEAH!

Fun running motivaton playing on Pinterest....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Versatile Blogger...oh yeah

How Cool is this!!I was tagged in this fun activity!

There are a few basic rules with this award:

1. You have to thank the giver, and provide a link to the post. Thanks a ton to Julie over at You Just have to Tri

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Award 15 other newly discovered blogs the same award (I changed this one up a little as you will see below.

7 Fun Facts

1. The reason I named my blog Happy Runner Girl is that was my user name on and that is where I met my husband. I thought that was a good title and good luck.

2. I ran cross-country and track in high school and college. My high school coach did a great job of turning me into a life long runner! I even ran with Kara Goucher (Wheeler then) when she was a 9th grader at the state CC meet in 1992 ha! I was only a minute and nine seconds behind her in a 2 mile race LOL!!

3. I recently fell in love with hiking 14er's out in Colorado. As a runner all my life I used to think hiking was so boring but once you make it to the top it's amazing and 14er's are HARD!

4. I love traveling, especially with my husband, we usually go to Mexico and it helps that I speak Spanish!

5. I want to be a mom someday! I am 35 I better get going :)

6. I know I can PR in a few more races but I fear the pain sometimes and  my competitiveness gets in the way. I just need to run for me!

7. I love my job and am so happy I chose the correct career path for me, I am a high school counselor, but my next career dream is to teach at the college level. (I already have an application in to teach night school and a local university).

So most of the blogs I read aren't I thought I would choose some inspiring/motivational blogs here...

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Stuff

I have decided to run the Arizona marathon! It's February 19th, which is perfect since I have off work that Friday and Monday for President's weekend. The race is WAY cheaper than a rock'n' roll race and flights aren't bad. They also have a half and a relay so I am hoping to convince some of the running club gals to join me.

Some people have questioned me training all winter in Colorado, but I ran my PR marathon in February years ago and trained in Colorado. I just have to check the weather for my long runs. I am a Minnesota girl...I love running outside in the winter!!!I did run them all outside that year. I am so excited!! I have a plan pretty much in place I just want a few people to take a look and will start mid- November. I have been reading "the books" on marthoning that lots of you bloggers write about and am scared to completely give up my speed workouts however know that tempo and pace runs are also important. So I have a sprinkling of using my old plan that worked well and adding some more tempo and pace runs. I am hoping I can get a few girls to join me in my training too!

My goal will be to run a 3:30-3:40....I have not run a marathon since 2005 so want to get the feel of it back before I get too crazy :)

IF life gets in the way...aka getting pregnant...then I will either run the half or transfer the race until next year but I can't think like that otherwise I will drive myself crazy....ugh....

Totally side husband and I are re-modeling our basement and I came across all of my medals from various races and they were all packed away in a box. I got them out and was living in my memories for awhile and David noticed I think because he made me this medal rack! I am really lucky that I have a carpenter as a husband (although believe me it also has it's downfalls :)  but he had this piece of wood lying around, stained it and he bought some hooks and I LOVE it! How thoughtful!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Denver Half Recap's over! I am happy to not be on a schedule for awhile and at the same time gearing up for another race. I was already on McMillian figuring out my times.

I ran the Denver Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in 1:44:54!!! Here's the thing I am soooo happy to have broken that 1:45 barrier that has been in my way for the last year. I ran a 1:40 in 2009 but it was a downhill course.  I have been struggling with the half distance since May 2011 so I am very pleased with this time!

I think I went out too fast. grrrr....It took awhile to warm-up and then after the hill towards the end of mile 3 I felt good! I ran some nice splits...then mile 11.5 came and I was dying! Ugh... there were hills (which I have trained for) but didn't have the strength. I was trying to be mentally tough but body was hurting and it just didn't fall into place.

I ran this same course in 2006 and ran a 1:47:35 so actually when I stop worrying about others' times and focus on ME I ran great and felt great too!

I was disappointed in the runners a little. During races I like to run with someone just for awhile and work together. Do you know what I mean? Usually people like it and it's usually positive for both people. Well I tried that during the race and people just took off. It's like dude it's ok calm down. Whatever....

My new plan is to run the Phoenix full marathon February 19th! I am so excited to train and run a full marathon. I haven't run one since 2005. I know training will be tough as well as the race but it's time to face the fear after my poor race in 2005.

At the Expo! I will say Rock'n' Roll races have good expos!

Before the race!

Arvada Running Club Gals!They ROCK!