Friday, October 28, 2011

New morning Running Buddy!

I am getting nervous and excited for marathon training! I will "officially" start Nov. 1st for a 16 week program.

I also figured out that one of the running club ladies lives right by me. So I asked her if she runs in the mornings and she said all the time and loves it. So we will meet around 5:15am and run Tuesday and Thursday mornings! We met this past Thursday at 5:15am in 19 degree weather so I don't think she will bail much. Tuesday we will attempt speed either tempo runs, 800's or 1600's and Thursday just easy miles.

I like getting my runs over in the morning I just hope I can get quality speed in. I am used to running weekly on a track but this program has more tempo runs anyway. If I know I am meeting someone I am much more motivated to get up and run. YEAH!

Fun running motivaton playing on Pinterest....


  1. Exciting about marathon training! Is this your first? A girlfreind of mine is doing AZ (she lives there) and she's trying to get me to do it....

    I totally understand about the pregnancy thing. You have to live your life or else you will constantly be putting things off. And you never know what life is going to throw at you. Good luck on that front as well. Certainly worth throwing in the towel on a marathon!

  2. Have a great training interval for your marathon!

  3. Good for you!!! I love running in the morning, but I just can't seem to do it in the winter. I have to get out there before 5 to get it in. Maybe knowing you are out there will help get me out the door.

    I'm thinking of meeting up with the running group Sunday. Will you bee there?

  4. Awesome on the running partner!!! I'm either an early morning LOVER or hater. I ran 2 straight months at 4:45 and then one morning I just could NOT do it anymore....I am currently working out at 5:15 and will be back to running mornings again soon as I have little choice!

    16 weeks. Perfect length in my opinion. Not too long to get bored but long enough to adequately train. BEST of luck to you!!!!

  5. Good job getting started on a plan! So great that you have a partner!