Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Stuff

I have decided to run the Arizona marathon! It's February 19th, which is perfect since I have off work that Friday and Monday for President's weekend. The race is WAY cheaper than a rock'n' roll race and flights aren't bad. They also have a half and a relay so I am hoping to convince some of the running club gals to join me.

Some people have questioned me training all winter in Colorado, but I ran my PR marathon in February years ago and trained in Colorado. I just have to check the weather for my long runs. I am a Minnesota girl...I love running outside in the winter!!!I did run them all outside that year. I am so excited!! I have a plan pretty much in place I just want a few people to take a look and will start mid- November. I have been reading "the books" on marthoning that lots of you bloggers write about and am scared to completely give up my speed workouts however know that tempo and pace runs are also important. So I have a sprinkling of using my old plan that worked well and adding some more tempo and pace runs. I am hoping I can get a few girls to join me in my training too!

My goal will be to run a 3:30-3:40....I have not run a marathon since 2005 so want to get the feel of it back before I get too crazy :)

IF life gets in the way...aka getting pregnant...then I will either run the half or transfer the race until next year but I can't think like that otherwise I will drive myself crazy....ugh....

Totally side note...my husband and I are re-modeling our basement and I came across all of my medals from various races and they were all packed away in a box. I got them out and was living in my memories for awhile and David noticed I think because he made me this medal rack! I am really lucky that I have a carpenter as a husband (although believe me it also has it's downfalls :)  but he had this piece of wood lying around, stained it and he bought some hooks and I LOVE it! How thoughtful!

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