Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I think I know why I am not getting faster...

Background to my story:

I haven't mentioned this on my blog much but my husband has his masters degree in exercise science. Although he has worked as a carpenter/woodworker the past few years, due to the economy, he has worked in corporate fitness for many years and currently is back into the exercise field. He now is an instructor at a school where the students are logging in hours to become trainers and he also is a trainer in a program at a local high school.

I am sure some of you are thinking wow what a great resource you have! Yes, I thought so too. When we tried to work out together though it just wasn't that fun. He would boss me around and I would be stubborn and say that he was wrong HA. So we have totally worked on that and depending how our weeks are scheduled we do work out together.  We can do cardio together pretty well now. We hike 14er's together in the summer and occassionlly we will go to the gym and lift.


Now that he is back working in the exercise science field he is exposed to more training information. Recently he has really been harping (nagging) on me to wear a heart rate monitor to work on my fitness. Back when I ran in college I knew about the VO2 max information and where my heart rate needed to be but after college I just didn't get into that or care really.
Well come to find out....I think I have been sandbagging a TON!! For example, my aerobic easy running days my HR should be at 132-144...ugh I was around 124

My track workouts I should be at 171 minimum

My pace/tempo runs should be at 158-170 and I never get my heart rate that high.

My LSD run should be at 145-157 I am pretty sure I have been sandbagging those too.

I plan to start using the HR monitor now and pay close attention to where my heart rate is. He claims I will see improvement quickly. I know it will hurt more and I do fear the pain but if I stick to the numbers maybe that will help me mentally?! I will keep you posted!

Do any of you use a heart rate monitor?

Do you get chaffing from the heart rate monitor?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Grand Valley Half Marathon

I just registered for a spring half marathon! May 12th in Palisade, CO (wine country in CO).
This is a tough course so no PR's but I guess it's gorgeous and only $35 entry fee!
So I am 11 weeks out. I really enjoyed training last spring for my (2) half marathons so I am ready!
Long runs on Sunday with the club and Tuesday track workouts start this Tuesday as well. I also plan to lift a day or two a week as well. After a full in January a half should feel easy.

Wine Country, CO

Section of the course...
 This is the description:

The course begins and ends at 4,725ft. On this up-and-back course, you start in the historic city of Palisade and run along the river until the bridge at mile 2. The course then runs along the base of the Grand Mesa for a couple of miles until you hit the orchards and wineries to the turnaround point. For the most part, this course gradually ascends and descends throughout the race. There is a hill on mile 4 that climbs 195 ft. as you ascend a scenic overlook of the Grand Valley, but whatever it takes from you will be returned on mile 8.

Can't wait!!!

Anyone else training for a spring half?

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Motivation

I just wanted to share the latest crazy thing my husband and I have been doing. We set up the treadmill and the spin bike in our basement. So a few times a week we get up in the early 5's and go workout together! He spins and I run. We put in a movie and just go. It's not like we have this great conversation or anything but it's fun quality time. It feels so good to get this run in before work too! He usually stays longer once I have to start getting ready for work. Great motivator for me :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Run

We had a huge snowstorm this past weekend and I even got a snow day on Friday! That was so nice to not have to go into work. We spent the weekend shoveling, realxing and running errands. On Sunday the running club said they were going to meet and I was grateful since I was soo sick of the treadmill. We ran on a new route!There is a new development getting built. There are no houses yet but a nice wide and dry road to run on. Basically it's three miles up and then down with gorgeous views!

I was so happy to be runing outside in 12 degrees! Ha!

The new route!

Happy Monday!