Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Run

We had a huge snowstorm this past weekend and I even got a snow day on Friday! That was so nice to not have to go into work. We spent the weekend shoveling, realxing and running errands. On Sunday the running club said they were going to meet and I was grateful since I was soo sick of the treadmill. We ran on a new route!There is a new development getting built. There are no houses yet but a nice wide and dry road to run on. Basically it's three miles up and then down with gorgeous views!

I was so happy to be runing outside in 12 degrees! Ha!

The new route!

Happy Monday!


  1. A very nice looking run indeed. I am glad you were able to get out and run!

  2. I was so happy on Thursday when I ran on the trails at CC State Park and they were FINALLY clear of snow and ice. Now it'll be another 3 months until they're clear again. ugh. Glad you found something clear and able to get outside!! :)

  3. I seriously can not believe that you guys run up that hill! I've ridden my bike up it and holy moly that's a lot of climbing! So tell me when you guys meet out there is there any flat running? Seems to me that the hills are plentiful out there.

  4. Hmmmm not sure I could run in snow ... it looks so cold - but it's always nice to be outside rather than on the tready. (Having said that I've never seen snow!)