Monday, October 10, 2011

Denver Half Recap's over! I am happy to not be on a schedule for awhile and at the same time gearing up for another race. I was already on McMillian figuring out my times.

I ran the Denver Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in 1:44:54!!! Here's the thing I am soooo happy to have broken that 1:45 barrier that has been in my way for the last year. I ran a 1:40 in 2009 but it was a downhill course.  I have been struggling with the half distance since May 2011 so I am very pleased with this time!

I think I went out too fast. grrrr....It took awhile to warm-up and then after the hill towards the end of mile 3 I felt good! I ran some nice splits...then mile 11.5 came and I was dying! Ugh... there were hills (which I have trained for) but didn't have the strength. I was trying to be mentally tough but body was hurting and it just didn't fall into place.

I ran this same course in 2006 and ran a 1:47:35 so actually when I stop worrying about others' times and focus on ME I ran great and felt great too!

I was disappointed in the runners a little. During races I like to run with someone just for awhile and work together. Do you know what I mean? Usually people like it and it's usually positive for both people. Well I tried that during the race and people just took off. It's like dude it's ok calm down. Whatever....

My new plan is to run the Phoenix full marathon February 19th! I am so excited to train and run a full marathon. I haven't run one since 2005. I know training will be tough as well as the race but it's time to face the fear after my poor race in 2005.

At the Expo! I will say Rock'n' Roll races have good expos!

Before the race!

Arvada Running Club Gals!They ROCK!


  1. Awesome job at the half! You are one speedy lady! I'll be excited to follow your training for the full. Now enjoy some down time!

  2. Congratulations, that is a great time!! I know about those past time demons ... I once ran in teh 140's but injury for over a year really zapped me of everything.

    I followed a few people who I thought had a good pace here and there, but never have worked with anyone specifically.

    The marathon date looks great, gives you a little time to enjoy the running and not a demanding schedule.