Friday, September 30, 2011

Arvada Running Club *** BOOK Club

I LOVE my running club! They are a group of AMAZING women of all ages! I joined them after moving to Arvada and we meet on Sundays for long runs and Tuesdays for track workouts. We take turns setting out water stations on Sundays so when you are on a 14 mile run, for example, you run by several aid stations with water, Gatorade and sometimes fun snacks! The club is only for women and we are all very supportive of one another.  We also have a  fundraiser and give the money to a high school girl from Arvada that will run in college. We discuss races we want to do and train for them together and carpool to races. It's soo much fun! It's like being on an adult cross country team.

For this session people are training for the Portland marathon or half and the Denver Rock and Roll full or half all on October 9th. I am excited to race but also am so excited to see how my fellow (teammates) club members do!! There is a women doing her first full and I bet she will run a 3:40 or faster. There is another lady that kicks butt on the track workouts and I hope breaks 4:00. I LOVE that feeling of thinking of others and wanting them to succeed! We will be texting back and forth between Portland to see how everyone does.

So being the super dork that I am I decided to have a running club book club!!! Who else can I talk to about running and running books!This is the first one and we are reading Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich. I LOVED the book. It's so fun to see the gang dressed up (normal clothes) instead of running attire and no make-up. It's like "who are you?" We had a really good discussion and a great time! They almost had me convinced to run a full marathon in January!! We'll see....I haven't run a marathon since 2005.


  1. A running book club would be so much fun!!! I got to meet Marshall Ulrich up in Idaho Springs, where he lives - he is a friend of the H.S. track coach I work with (both big ultra runners) and I must have talked to him about a half hour about my foot problem (he had the same issue). Very cool guy!

  2. Jill pointed me in the direction of your blog. I just told her yesterday that I talke with another personal motivatot at the Skirt Chaser and she had told me about her running club in Arvada. Living in Arvada also I will be checking it out!
    Good luck next weekend!