Monday, September 26, 2011

Goals for Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon

The Denver Rock and Roll Half is in 2 Weeks!!! I am getting excited and nervous! I have done pretty well on my training although I have had some injury type issues throughout....

Goal A: 1:45 ( 8:01 pace)  This technically should not be a problem. I have put in the training to achieve this. I am confident that I can do this. It will hurt of course but that's ok :)

Goal B: 1:40-1:44 (7:38-8:00 pace) This would be amazing! The course is at altitude and not flat or hilly so this could be doable if everything falls into, fresh legs, mental toughness.

Goal C: 1:39 (7:34 pace) My recent PR is a 1:40 so to break that would be wonderful and I would be so happy!!!!!!

Goal D: 1:37:00 (7:25 pace).... My true DREAM to get a guaranteed entrance to New York. It could happen...with running anything is possible.


  1. I know you just visited my blog...I'm really not just sitting on my computer but wanted to get back to you right away before I forget. Thanks for your comment and I'm glad to find you!! Good luck with your race! I lived in Colorado for most of my life. Miss the blue skies! Hope to read more of your blog here.

  2. I live in Denver, also :). I'll be doing this race too but I've been on the DL for a year and a half and just getting back to it so I will be super slow. You have some great goals...looking forward to seeing how you do!