Monday, September 12, 2011

4 week Count Down!

Last week was my down week dealing with all my weirdo injuries. I  biked Wednesday and lifted, ran Thursday, felt good, and ran 12 miles Sunday and felt good! I am hurting today a little but I am confident to run the half. This week will be a hard week as I have a 5k Sat and a 14 mile run Sunday. If I can do this that will really help my confidence! My old coach is in town and she gave me some stretches and they really helped! She said do them 12 X a day and my PF will go away!! YEAH!! She also said I am way too young (I am 35) to stop running marathons again YEAH!!! So my plan is to run a FULL marathon in the fall of 2012 or 2013 depending on baby making ;)

This week's plan:

Monday: OFF
Tuesday 6 X 800
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: easy run/lift
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 5k
Sunday: 14

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