Monday, September 19, 2011

Yes to the COMBO!

3 weeks until the Denver Rock n Roll Half! This week was a hard week and to top it off Tuesday after track my right hip started to hurt!!

I ran easy Thursday and had a 5k on Saturday.This is what I would call a "Fun Run". It was a fundraiser for a local gymnastic gym so there were maybe 50 total people and about half were kids! I was 2nd place and 1st female! That part was cool, but we didn't have bibs, we didn't have it timed except off a lady's phone. So it was interesting! I ran a 22:57. Then Sunday I ran 14 miles at a 9:07 pace so I was so pleased that my body could go back to back like that. I bought new shoes Friday so my injuries are doing much better!

After the 14 mile run my husband and I took the motorcycle to downtown Denver and watched the Bronco game while eating 50 cent wings, $2 PBR's and an order of Fried Twinkies LOL!!!!

A busy week ahead but I know I can do this!
Tues:  3 X 1600
Wed: bike/lift
Thurs: 6 mile pace
Fri: OFF
Sat:  6EZ
Sun: 10

The Arvada Running Club. Half marathoners ran 14 and marathoners ran 20!

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  1. Congrats on your great 5k time--and second overall is impressive, no matter what the size of the race!!!