Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Garmin vs. Good ol' Timex Thoughts.................

Last night I had a track workout. 3 X 1600. First of all only one other lady from the running club showed up!! I was a little dissapointed that more didn't show up.

We warmed up and started the first one. I ran 4 laps in 7:03. HOWEVER according to Garmin I ran 1.05 miles and that would be a 6:43 mile, which sounds way better than 7:03. Back in the day I would have just known that my mile time was 7:03 ya' in my running log I entered 7:03 because I feel that was my time. It's just crazy how the Garmin gets you thinking so much. I just need to relax and work on form and my feel for the mile instead of the Garmin. Now this track is dirt and parts of lane 1 are full of weeds so I probably did run over a mile. The next one was 7:04 and the last 7:03. In the end I was super happy. 3 weeks ago my times were 7:06, 7:13 and 7:07. The same exact workout, track etc. so according to plain old school timing I am getting faster and that is all that matters YEAH!!

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