Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 1 of 16

Week 1 was a success! I wanted to run 25 miles and I did! I also lifted weights twice. I think as I am getting older I am a bit more disciplined. However, this coming week will be difficult as I have a conference out of town Thursday and Friday and will be away for the weekend. I have it planned out though. I am a little afraid to post this since so many of you run tons more mileage but this is what works for me and I will build up more as the weeks come along.

was running in the dark by 5:10am. I had watched Halloween the night before and thought all the men walking their dogs could be Michael Myers.
Also first time running listening to a for normal people....I like running to podcasts!
4 mi at 9:00 pace

Met Running Buddy at 5:15am and we ran a 5 mile loop near our houses. A new loop for me. Lots of sidewalk, which I don't like, but great loop. It was dark in spots and still icy and showy in parts.Made to work on time so I know I can run a bit longer in the mornings.
6 mi at 9:20 ish pace

Hubby and I got up around 6:30 and he went to gym and I ran my new 6 mile loop. This was a marathon pace run so the first 2 miles or so was easy and then then last 4 were supposed to be at 8:15 pace. I was all over the place so I need to work on consistency. I was anywhere from 7:34-8:34 so I felt good about it.

Sunny and 28 degrees out...ran 9.1 miles on a hilly course. Averaged 8:48 pace so I am happy with that.
Marathon History:
Chicago 1998 I was 23 years old and had just finished my college track season the previous spring. I ran long runs but timed them not sure of mileage...didn't do speed workouts that I recall and ran a 3:27

Boston 2000 I had just moved to Colorado (June 1999) and knew I needed to start training. I coached cross-country and track at the high school I worked at so I was in decent shape I ran a 16 miler and a few hour long runs...It hurt but I had the altitude advantage and ran a 3:28. I think my brain remembered how to run???!!!

Las Vegas 2002 I met some awesome ladies and we had a 14 week plan and I trained HARD....track workouts...great long runs (2 20's) and tempo....highest mileage week was 54 ish
I ran a 3:19

Tucson 2004 I had just finished my Masters degree and hired my old roommate, a now running coach, and she trained me for this downhill marathon. Again long runs, track workouts every week I ran 10X 800's!!!
I ran a legs cramped up so bad I had to walk even though I trained hard on goal was a 3:12.

Twin Cities 2005 I have no idea what happened here.....I ran great long runs, speed legs felt super heavy and it was the worst race ever for me!!! 3:55


  1. Love seeing your training and progression of marathons here. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Congrats on week 1! Great job. Ah-the mileage game. I'm glad you posted. It's all relative and being smart and doing what works for you most important!! I follow people who run twice as many weekly miles as me and then those who run less than half my weekly mileage and still consistently make quality progress!

    Love reading the marathon history!

  3. Way to stay on track and get going in the mornings!

    Loved reading about your marathon history!

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog! I love reading about other CO bloggers :)

    Nice job on week 1!