Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cleansing, Wobenzyme and a 25 HR road trip (one way)...

Drove 25 hours one way to Fayetteville, NC for Thanksgiving and back. My mother-in-law smokes in the house so my week off of work was at best FFF ~ Forced Family Fun~ I did make the best of it though.

Ahead of time I searched online (in-laws have no Internet) and I found a running path about 15 minutes away from their house and went running there a few days. Of course I didn't get in my 12 mile run...for some reason when I am out of my routine I can't seem to follow my running schedule. I am working on this and is a great goal for me to work on....

On the computer note....it was a great feeling to not be on line AT ALL for 1 week. I don't have a smart phone so seriously NOTHING...this felt good and I will try to monitor my computer time more.

My Sister-in-law works at Mother's, a California health food store, and she taught us all about the ULTIMATE CLEANSE! My husband and I started yesterday...I will keep you posted.

Sister -in-law and I

Another great tip she gave us was Wobenzyme. Wobenzym helps everyday aches, pains and muscle soreness due to everyday activity. It also increases flexibility and mobility, promotes a normal inflammation response and supports joint and tendon health. So far so good on this as well! It's like an all natural advil!

Training is going OK. This week is 12 weeks out so plan to have a solid track workout today
(10 X 400) and a good long run Sunday and then I will feel confident to be back on track. This past week was a hiccup in my training....


  1. Good job on the 400s - wow!

    Traveling always makes our workouts so difficult...you'll get back on track now that you're back home!

    I used Wobenzym this summer for awhile, someone told me it was very helpful for my PF. Didn't notice anything different, but I still took it - just in case! :) I still have a medicine cabinet full of the stuff - just incase :).

  2. That is a LONG drive one way - wow! Did you drive straight or stop a night or two?

  3. i was able to avoid FFF with the in-laws this year!!WOHOO merry christmas to me :)