Monday, November 14, 2011

Another week....

Crazy week (2 of 16)...Didn't reach my goal but sometimes LIFE gets in the way. I still have tons of time so I am OK with it.........

Woke up early 5:15am although didn't feel early thanks to daylight savings time. I ran the slowest 3 miles ever! I learned that after my Saturday/Sunday combo that I need to take Monday off. Glad I learned this early on. It may have helped get the lactate acid out but whatever it sucked!!!!

Went to the track around 5pm ran 1 mile warm-up and then ran 1 mile at 7:17...not bad! 400 recovery and 2nd mile 7:07! I was supposed to be at 7:17 so YEAH! It was getting cold and dark but pretty surreal running in the moonlight. One other lady came from running club. We don't have official track during the winter but have started an underground group for us hardcore ladies :)

Early 3 have a busy Thursday and Friday so no running until Saturday! My legs can't wait for a few days rest.


Ran 6 miles in Nebraska as I was visiting my parents. Went well only had time for this as I worked at the craft fair.

My sister and I working at the Holiday fair in Nebraska...

Is that Mrs. Claus???Nope just my mom! She was in charge of the Holiday Fair. It was a huge success!

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  1. Sounds like a decent week of running! And that 7:07 mile is SPEEDY, well done!!!