Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adventures in Mexico 2007..more to come 2011

We are leaving in 1 week to go to Mexico for 2 weeks in Cancun! We got a great deal on an all-inclusive place. We got engaged in Mexico in 2007 so we are excited to go back and maybe even make a baby! I can't wait to run in the humidity and on the beach. I speak Spanish so we have a blast talking to the bartenders. I am so grateful and lucky to go on this trip.

David and I always have adventures... for example in 2007 we went to Cozumel for the day and decided to rent a scooter. We then started to head around the island. On the way we stopped at a park with gorgeous ruins y animales. Then we continues on our way around the island we were near the side where the beaches and bars are when all of a sudden the tire went flat. So here we are basically in the middle of nowhere with a flat. We found a restaurant and they said to wait for Angeles Verdes. I am like who is that? When do they get here? Well I guess there are these people driving around the island helping out stranded motorists. So after waiting in the heat a guy stopped and helped us. Although he had his lunch break before he helped up load the scooter into his truck and then we went back to the scooter place. Since the guy rented us a lousy scooter with thin treads we got to rent another. At this point it was starting to get late....so we booked it around the island jumped in the water and returned the scooter. Then we ran to catch the 9pm ferry and we MISSED it!!! We stopped at Senor Frogs, which is like being back in the USA WHAT!!!????!!!Caught the 11pm ferry to Playa del Carmen and then went to the bus place which the sign clearly reads last bus at midnight it was 11:30. We get there and no one is there!!! I said hey your sign says you are still open. So they find us a ride and we get smushed into the back of a van and ride home with a bunch of workers snoring and drinking beer. We finally made it back to our resort late.....I hope we have more fun adventures in 2011 baby!!!

The Scooter

David and I waiting for help!


  1. 2 weeks in Cancun!!! Lucky Duck! I had to forego my tropical paradise for a new oven, ipod, car, dishwasher, and computer. SO fun!

    Have fun with those adventures! Good luck with the baby making-ha!

  2. Sounds like you had quite the adventure!

  3. I love a good adventure of the planned and somewhat unplanned variety!