Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting there....

Oh Yeah..I ran a fun 5k yesterday! I ran it in 22:21. 2 weeks ago I ran a 5k in 23:33. My secret goal was to take a minute off my time and I did better than that!!! It was hard, I am not going to lie, but a great feeling at the end and I still felt like I could have gone faster....lesson learned on going to First Friday art walk and drinking some wine the night before the race. However, I do like balance and we went with some really good friends so why should I ditch out on that just for a race the next day? I just need to only have 1 glass next time (even though it was FREE!!) Ha. So next race is a 4 mile which is part of a relay and then a 4k on the 4th of July. I have never raced a 4k that should be fun and FAST :)
First Friday Art Walk Gang

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Getting ready for 5k on Saturday!


  1. Great job on your 5k--a minute PR in two weeks is AMAZING!
    Love the new header too, I just noticed it!

  2. Great job! I still have really poor endurance...but I'm workin on it :-)

  3. Awesome job on that PR! You are super speedy!