Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mental Toughness...

So I had a crap workout tonight on the track and am processing it here and now......

I have not been to Tuesday track workouts for 3 weeks since I was on vacation. I did do a track workout with the high school group when I got back, which was 8 X 200 last Thursday and then ran a 4 mile race Saturday and then a 7 mile run Sunday. I took Monday off.  However, the workout was 6 X 800's in my mind I was only going to do 4 or 5 anyway.

It was 90 degrees out and we met at 6:45pm. It was soooooo  fricking HOT!!!!!!!! So the coach and I do the first one in 3:15 and I am like holy crap that is pretty good and it didn't hurt toooo much. 2nd one I ran in 3:16 still not too bad. We are supposed to do a 400 recovery jog in between but I couldn't do it...was I overheating what? I ran the 3rd in 3:18 so I knew I was slowing down. My legs were also cramping like how I felt at Saturday's race...just didn't feel strong. So I QUIT the workout. Coach said it was Ok. I think they think I am prego and don't want me to overheat (which I am pretty sure I am not). I really needed someone to say Denae do another one!!!!!!

So I did 3 fast 800's....afterwards could I have done 1-3 more? I need to get mentally tough! This would have been a great mental tough assignment for me to have just done one more.

However where is the line between quality and quantity?

So I will run with the high school girls Friday and we will do 5 X 400 and I will do all.

Actually since I have been out 3 weeks it's probably good to start with only 1.5 miles of speed and build it up!


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