Friday, July 1, 2011

Redemption... so sweet

I had a great track workout today!! I was mentally tough and even did an extra 400!! With running, if you have a bad workout it's always there the next day. Unlike for example Mt. Everest, if you don't summit it's a huge ordeal to get back to it...can you tell I am reading Running on Empty : )

Anyway I ran 7 400's on the same track as Tuesday and felt fine!
1:32, 1:32, 1:31, 1:30, 1:30 and what I thought was my last 1:24. Then coach said she was going to do a few more and I timed one of hers and then I was like screw it I can do another! So I did in 1:26!!YEAH!!

So lesson learned on mental toughness as it's a continuing battle for this runner here.

I am so excited first 14er hike is planned for tomorrow! My husband has hiked 30 and when we met he said he will not re-do the ones that I haven't with me. HA HA what a sweetie we are doing a triple and he has already done them.

We are going to hike Missouri Mtn. Belford and Oxford all in 1 day! Yes it can be done. 14.5 mile round trip! I have hiked 20 14er's so to get three in a day really is awesome for my list! 55 in Colorado.

Then I have a 4k on Monday. How fun 2.45 miles in Boulder. I guess a lot of elite runners run this. Since it's sponsored by a brewing company the winner (usually a skinny male) wins their weight in BEER! So trying for 7:00's on that....

Happy 4th weekend!!!!!

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  1. Whoa there. Bustin out your fastest 400's at the end?? Very impressive! ;)

    Win your weight in beer?! Holy cow. Girl get your speedy shoes on. Time to drink up.