Saturday, July 9, 2011

4k and Bierstadt!!

The 4k on the 4th was HOT!! The course had 3 turn arounds and was in Boulder, which means to you all FAST runners!!! I was 8th in my AG (35-39)  if you look at the other races that same day in the area I would have been in the top 3! I didn't look this up the coach for the running club did ;) I MAY just do it again next year and BEAT those Boulder women! I ran 18:44.

After I sweated everything out of me this was the BEST post race EVER! They had breakfast burritos catered, fresh fruit and AVERY beer. Since it was the Avery 4k. Remember how I said the winner wins their weight in beer? Well the had dollies right there so they could load up the cases in their car. Now I didn't win beer from racing however I noticed the announcer kept randomly calling out bib numbers. So at this time I had 1 beer in me and was feeling goooood. I kept trying to flirt with the guy so he would call my bib number and he did!! I won a 6 pack of delicious beer HA!!

So that was Monday then I attempted to do my track workout early Tuesday morning but my legs were still fried I

guess from racing so I did 5 X 800's pretty slow. I took Wed. off. Thursday I picked up my sister at 5:30 AM and we hiked Mt. Bierstadt! It was a great 14er. It got cloudy when we were almost to the top but it never rained on us! We were so blessed because a little while later there were major storms and hail. This was Tiffany's 2nd 14er and first of the year. She did soo good, I was so proud of her~

The Summit!

The Beginning


I LOVE my dorky hiking only hat!
I have a long run tomorrow. I sure hope these hikes are helping me with my endurance. I have a half marathon August 13th!!

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  1. Fantastic time at that 4K and I cracked up about you flirting for the delicious beer.