Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back Patio Baby!

Yes! We are finally finished with our back patio and have an outdoor living area!
When we moved into our fixxer upper we knew we would have do do something with the back patio. It was a huge cracked piece on concrete. So we had that removed.

Then we poured concrete and added another step.

We went to a rock place and picked up by ourselves over 4 ton of flagstone. We made several trips.

Then we had to lay out the stones and pour dirt in between them to create the patio. That actually was fun trying to get all the pieces in the best places.

As we were finishing up my husband had this idea to make a bar. He had this hunk of wood leftover from a job site so we added that too!

Went to Lowe's and got a clearance patio table and chairs that included cushions! Then we hung lights.  I feel like I am in downtown Denver at a fancy restaurant it's so nice back here!!!

Time to have some people over and drink some wine!!Love it!!


  1. Wow-that looks really Awesome!! Makes me want to do some outdoor home improvements around here. We made a similar patio and walkway a couple of years ago but used recycled concrete that we stained from the gravel pit in front of our house. It was SO MUCH work but it cost us like $13 and looks pretty darn good:)

    Hope you've taken advantage of it and had that outdoor wine party:)