Saturday, June 25, 2011

Slacker Relay

Today was the Slacker relay. This is half marathon race and has a relay component. The legs were 5.4 miles, 3.7 miles and 4 miles. The race starts at Loveland Ski resort and DOWNHILL to the city of Georgetown. The Arvada Running Club sent 18 people up there today! We had 5 relay teams, one running the half and 2 running the 4 mile race.

Having recently returning from vaca I wanted the easiest leg. I was going to run the 2nd leg which was the 3.7 but after doing some strategy we decided to have me anchor....I was fine with this since it was 4 miles. I felt that I could do that and wanted 30:00 which would be 7:30's.

We got to the shuttle area around 7:00 and caught the shuttle to the starting area. Since there were 5 teams I had 4 other people to talk to while I waited 2 hours before I ran! That was boring so next time maybe I will do the first leg. The transition went smoothly and I was off.

This was a great race for me! I ran a 7:14, 6:55, 6:49 and wait for it....8:40 Since the first 3 miles were mostly downhill my legs started cramping Big Time! They just didn't feel strong. I tried to be mentally tough but it was so hard and by now it was getting hot. So I did finish with a 29:39 which was faster than my goal time yeah!!! Our relay team was 4th overall and 2nd all female. Our half time was 1:38. In the future I think this should be my "spring" half. I think I could do pretty well if I trained correctly.

My Relay Team!

Most of the Running Club that was there today.


  1. Awesome job! I am SO impressed with your time!!

  2. Nice clip! Right off of vacation too! I would love to do a relay sometime! Looks like so much fun!! Congrats to all of you! Glad you had such a great time in Mexico!

  3. Great time on your 4 miles--and great job to your team getting 2nd female!!