Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 Half marathons within 2 weeks....

Yeah! I ran a half marathon May 1st in Lincoln, NE and this morning I ran another half. I ran the Colfax half in Denver, CO. This race started at 6AM! It rained and drizzled the whole time. I had a great time!
I ran a 1:47 which is the same time I ran 2 weeks ago. I thought I was more fit from all the track workouts and long runs this winter, but as you can see this is where my base is. A great starting point for summer training. My plan is to train for 5ks and get my speed up and then in the fall run a half and or full, if I am not prego!

I also ran with music today, a first for me during a race. I really enjoyed it. I felt focused and the music helped me stay motivated. I need to work on my playlist though. Towards the end I kept playing the same song because it just kept me moving fast.

So different from 2 weeks ago where it was just me and the hubby. Today I was surrounded by all my running club gals! SO FUN! We drove together, went to the start together, waited for everyone to finish and had out Michelob Ultra at the end.

Waiting for the start.


  1. Awesome job! I would love to run a sub-2 half! Your running club looks like a fun group.

  2. Great job and looks like you had a blast doing it!!! I always think I'm going to plan to build up my speed with some 5K training but then realize I hate it-ha! and just end up training for another half or full:) I should probably work on this! Great race:)