Monday, May 9, 2011

Here we go (Again)...

I am running the Colfax half marathon this Sunday! This race is in downtown Denver about 20 minutes from my house so I am excited to eat and sleep in my house. I am feeling good and ready to just have fun and not to over think it too much! I ran yesterday and felt ok not great. I was talking to another high school counselor and she said that she struggles in her spring races. She thinks it is because we are so drained from the school year. She also has run the Lincoln, NE race and did not do well. I felt better after talking with her. So I get to taper again this week :) I plan on running a tempo run tomorrow and then easy run Thursday and super easy Saturday....race is at 6AM...(WHAT!!!??). Also I get to run with a bunch of ladies from the running club. I think that totally helps me!Happy Monday!


  1. Good luck on Sunday---6am is really early!!

  2. Ooh! Good luck! I really think those races that you go into just planning to have fun and not overthink sometimes end up being the best ones. Wow, 6 am-SO early for a race! I'm up that early but actually eating an hour before etc. EARLY! Good luck!!

  3. You will do great. I am really proud of you and love you. You are beautiful, love your blog picture.