Sunday, May 22, 2011

Run with Rocky 5k

The beginning of summer racing/training has begun. This is my base and starting point. I went into this race just for fun. It went great! It was fun to help out too. Volunteering for races makes you feel so good.
First mile 7:25 I was 2nd girl at that point and I just tried to maintain. 2nd mile 7:55 Breathing was getting there but my legs felt good. Mile 3 was 7:42 Final time 23:33. I won my age group and was 2nd female overall! Great boost for the confidence. My running coach, who runs our club was the first female. She is so tough. So not my best 5k time there were some hills in there but overall what a great morning! Next 5k is in 2 weeks so I will continue to work on getting faster!

Me and Lori my running coach.


  1. What a fantastic race! 2nd female overall is definitely something to brag about!!!

  2. New reader here :)

    You did awesome at your 5k! Congrats to you. Bet that made you an even-happier-runner-girl, huh?

  3. Hey hey Hey! Nice Job!!

  4. Awesome job! First in Age Group. Kudos for taking on the 5K and using it to get faster. I hate that dang distance but I need to force myself to use it more for forced speedwork! Glad you had a great race!