Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Race Schedule ????

Ok so I am a dork and love it!
This is my tentative race schedule for summer 2011. I don't know if I will do them all I think $35 for a 5k is a lot and my husband will think so too! We are going to Mexico in June and then we don't have any plans...except to make a baby LOL! We may have company come and visit us and will hike 14er's so I think this schedule may work. We like to hike during the week anyway since on the weekends it's crowded. I asked my husband for dates to hike the farther away mountains and he couldn't tell me. Since I am a PLANNER I decided to plan out what I wanted to do. Then when David gets more of an idea on when we can go to the cabin and hike then I can adjust. GOOD TIMES!!


Saturday June 4th          5k               8AM            $25          Louisville, CO
Saturday June 25th     Relay (4M) 8AM             $35      Loveland Ski area
Monday July 4th              4M                 8:30AM     $33              Wash Park
Saturday July 9th          5k                  8AM             $30              Arvada
Sunday July 17              5k                  8AM             $35              Wash Park
Saturday July 30          5k                  8AM             $18              Westminster
Saturday Aug. 13th          Half              8AM             $40              Georgetown
Monday Sept. 5th           10M             7AM             $50              Denver
Sunday October 9         Half                                        $85              Denver


  1. I love doing the same thing! I'm trying to find a (relatively) local 5k or two to do in July. I've found a half and a 10 miler to do later in the summer as I build towards my October marathon.

    $35 is a bit pricey for a 5k, but if it's for a worthy cause I figure that's less than the price of going out to dinner for my hubs and me and go for it anyway.

  2. This is a busy race schedule, awesome! I'm looking for a couple of 5ks to race this summer, still on the lookout for more!