Monday, May 2, 2011

The Half...

Thanks all for the Good Luck wishes!!I know I need to write about the good and bad of running so here we go...

I decided to run the Lincoln, NE half back in January. The running club I run with were all planning on running The Fort Collins, CO half. Both were May 1st. I thought perfect, I can train with the group but run at a low altitude and honestly the Lincoln half was way cheaper, even with driving, than the Fort Collins half. I think I was being stubborn. I ran the Fort Collins half in 2009 and ran a 1:40. The course was OK. The first part was all downhill then there were a lot of turns and bike path running, which I am not a fan.

Well I just returned from Lincoln and ran a 1:47. I am disappointed. I really have know idea what happened. I was training for under a 1:40. My breathing was fine but my legs just didn't have it. I ate well, tapered well etc. So I am happy that I completed the race but maybe I should not have been stubborn and just ran the Fort Collins race with the club???...lesson learned. This isn't my worst time but not a PR. So I am just chalking it up to a great spring race.

NOW I need some advice. There is a half June 25th called the slacker half. You start at 10,000 feet and run to around 8,000. It's pretty much's cheap and close. Here's the thing I am going to Mexico the week before, so sea level. Will this affect me? I mean the benefits didn't seem to help me much in Lincoln....
Should I just run it for fun and see how I do?

The other twist is this may be my last big race for awhile because we are trying to get prego. We don't have kids and we're going to start this do I training for a fall half knowing I may or may not get to run it?? UGH....

EARLY Sunday morning at the get to run to the 50 yard line at Cornhusker Stadium

I am pretty sure I was the only one with PINK compression socks on. I got a lot of comments during the race like"nice socks" lol

Hubby took this one not too bad. 


  1. Hey--you ran a half and did well, can't PR every time!!!! Great job!
    I would sign up for the fall, even if you fall pregnant (yay!) and cut back on training you will not necessarily need to stop running, and lots of women run planned races (but don't race them, just take it easy) so it wouldn't be wasted money!
    Love the idea of a completely downhill race, awesome!

  2. You know my suggestion. Run the Slacker! It will be fun. Hopefully see you next week!