Monday, August 1, 2011

Wilson Peak and Mt. Sneffels

Another fun weekend which included hiking 2 14er's! Friday we drove 6 hours to Telluride. We rested up and woke up EARLY to start a 16 mile hike. Originally we were going to hike 11 miles but we found out the trailhead we wanted to use was closed since it is on private property. So we decided to do the mountain from the Navajo Lake TH. We had a 5 mile hike in to the lake and then from there get closer to the top.

Navajo Lake

I am feeling so much more comfortable with climbing class 3 mountains! I almost chickened out but David  was so patient with me and we did it!

We finally got to the car and it poured rain and hailed thanks goodness we missed it! Then we crashed and went to bed at 8:30 got up again packed up and headed to Ouray, CO and hiked Mt. Sneffels. This should have been very easy only class 1 and and some class 2 near the top. Well it was hard! We hiked up a scree field and then when we were getting close to the top there was a snow field we had to climb up. We don't have cramp-ons or ice picks so we used the force and made it up and then had to climb over this rock and scramble up to the top. Sweetness!

On the way up to Sneffles

Summit Mt. Sneffels

The crazy snow we climbed up and down.

I think we will have a few more weekends to hike but will stay closer to home. I go back to work in a week, which I am looking forward too! I mean I like have 9 weeks off but it's good for me to be back in a routine at school. More later on that...

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  1. I sometimes wish that I lived closer to mountains, especially when I see pictures like these!