Monday, August 15, 2011

Georegtown to Idaho Springs Race Report

First of all I don't know how you guys write such detailed race reports but I will try. As I was running I was thinking oh I could write about this....

Race started at 7am I had a good warm-up, did the bathroom thing, etc. The first mile was super crowded and I didn't even see the mile 1 marker no biggie because my plan was to start out slow anyway. I was running 8:36's according to my watch.

The course is hilly so it was so funny because I am a fairly good downhiller so I would pass a gang of runners and then on the uphill they would pass me again. Felling ok... 10k mark I was at 52:32 so that's 8:26 pace...then around mile 8 I was over it...It was getting HOT and the I kept having to change sides of the road so I was running on a flat that was annoying. I took water at every stop but I wasn't really sweating anymore.

Also my hips were just sore! I did get a massage on Wednesday but that should not have mattered right?? UGH I tried running weird to open them up (Like Phoebe on that one episode of FRIENDS) but that didn't work....

I forgot to bring a I was after I got done feeling sorry for myself about 1 mile I just sucked it up....I ran it in 1:51. My 2nd WORSE half marathon time EVER!!! I have run 9 and 1 trail half in my I am disappointed in my time. HOWEVER I didn't really even train for this...I ran a 10 miler for my longest run, no track workouts in the month of July I just hiked a TON. Well obviously hiking muscles and running are not the same. So a 1:51 I am ok with. I have a half in Denver, which is flat -ish in 8 weeks.

My husband and I were talking and I have 2 choices just be a runner and be ok with slower times OR TRAIN. I have not lifted legs in months...I just didn't feel strong when I needed to. Although I know so many runners that don't lift...I guess I can't compare myself to others and need to realize for ME I need to train for races and can't just "wing" it and run a half and expect a good time.

If I by chance get prego then I guess I will re-evaluate this plan but I ran the Denver half in 2006 in 1:47 so I would love to get 1:45 or better. This should be doable!

Cool thing....I won a book in April from The blue eyed runner and guess who my friend got to run with for part of the race....?? MARSHALL ULRICH! He lives in Idaho Springs so ran the race. We might have him come and talk to our running club. I was so jealous...guess who lent her the book after I read it???ME!

 This course was GORGEOUS! I probably will run it again as many people did run PR's.

The Arvada Running Club in Georgetown, CO

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  1. Nice job on the race! So, you didn't get your best time but you got some really great reflection out of it right!!! Good feeling to know you can run 1:51 without even putting in a lot of training. 1:45 will be a piece of cake if you throw in a couple of longer runs, a couple of speed sessions and REMEMBER your GU!!! Good luck with the training here:)