Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New School Year and Saturday half

Yesterday was my first day back at work...school. I am a high school guidance counselor and LOVE my job!

So kids and teachers aren't here yet which is nice so I can settle in and start on all of those schedule changes :)

I like being back into a routine for sure. I have track practice tonight and it is only 3 X 800 @ HM pace. I have a half marathon Saturday. I am nervous and excited! I didn't train as much as I had wanted due to injuries and hiking 14er's but it's a downhill course overall.

The elevation at the start is 8500 feet, and gradually arrives at 7500 feet at the finish. However I ran this race in 2005 and there are hills. I ran it in 1:45 so I would like to run a 1:43 on Saturday. I sure hope I can. The plan is to start out easy and gradually get faster!!!

I had a great 9 mile run Sunday and if I feel good tonight that should give me confidence for Saturday! The hubby is coming too so that always helps!


  1. Wow, back at school already! Our kids don't start until after Labor Day! Hope the track practice went well. Best of luck in your half this weekend. Love the progressive plan!!

  2. Back to work already?! At least you love your job :)