Thursday, August 4, 2011


Growing up my mom and dad dragged my sister and I to every flea market and antique shop in the Tri-state area. That would be Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. This was not fun at all for a kid! I would try to get interested in something like jewelry but it was all old and ugly. I finally started collecting Archie Comic books but they were usually torn and smelled old and I just bought the new ones. So as we got older we were allowed to stay home (and clean the house) while they went antiquing. I loved our old Victorian home growing up but feared having friends over in case they broke something. We had antiques everywhere. Dishes furniture, mantels (even though we didn't even have a fireplace at the time) and much more.

So fast forward to my now 35 years of age and guess what????? I frickin LOVE antiques and shopping for them! WT? I am not sure when it started I have many items that my mom gave me and when we bought our house I got into decorating more. Maybe it started when David and I went to a huge antique mall nearby. It might have started when I started going to First Friday art walks. In the Denver area on the first Friday of the month different neighborhoods have these. In addition to the art galleries open many stores are open and display local art. They serve snacks and WINE and are just fun to walk around. Most usually have an antique store as well. Anyway, I really enjoy antiquing and love getting a good deal, which is so weird since I hated it growing up....guess I am turning into my mom ;)

Well one of my latest finds was for my laundry room. I found an old washer board and old soap and other like items.

Washboard was $15 and the iron was 5 bucks!! The tins were $4 each

So now I need to start collecting something else!

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