Monday, August 22, 2011

7 weeks until Denver Half!

Had a great week of training. Ran everything on my schedule. I did need to re-arrange but that's what schedules are for right? To tweak them!

Tues: Track 400, 800, 1600
Wed: Lifted
Thurs: Easy 4 (in the afternoon dry heat)
Fri: OFF
Sat: Tempo 5 miles
Sun: 7
Total 19 miles

I am 7 weeks out until the Denver Half!
This week's plan:

Monday: OFF
Tues: Hill Repeats
Wed: lift
Thurs: AM Tempo/PM weights
Fri: OFF
Sat: 5
Sun: 8

We have company coming and staying with us, which I love but will need to re-arrange running a little. My run Sunday was slow since I did Saturday's faster so hopefully I can figure that out. My foot still hurts but managing the pain.

My husband saw my picture from my latest half marathon and said you look like you are running just for fun. If you want good times you need to train right including diet, running, weights etc. OR just run for fun and don't worry about your times. I thought about that and I want to train and race! So with 7 weeks left (actually 8 counting last week) I want to do this right.
Georgetown to Idaho Spring Half  8/13/11

I know I can.


  1. so could i be more in love with ur name?!?! haha...and that picture of u couldn't be more fitting! how u can actually look good while running is beyond me, all my shots look horrible, but in my mind i'm sure i don't look THAT bad. hehe. great past few weeks of training and u're going in with the PERFECT mindset, u KNOW u will rock that race. ;)

  2. Of course you can!! Love love this photo ... I'm sure you can have fun and do a great race!