Sunday, April 24, 2011


This week has been pretty good! The half marathon is next Sunday so I have been enjoying tapering. All the hard work will be paid off soon. Thing is my legs are just itching to run! After watching and tracking Boston on Monday my plan is to start out conservatively and get faster every 5k. I feel very confident with this plan and my goal is a 1:37! I want to thank the Arvada Running Club, where I have met some great new running buddies. The past 12 Tuesday nights have been the dark with headlamps and in tornado winds. We got up to 9 X 800s! Can't wait to train in the summer with this group. These women are so motivating.

Also my husband has been a great support. He is going to drive the 7 hour road trip with me and be my support person for this race! What a great guy! He also has promised to run a marathon with me someday! Can't wait to hold him accountable on that one :)


  1. Half next Sunday! Exciting! Great race plan. The conservative start seems to work really well for me too. So awesome to have some track buddies! I haven't run a half in a long time! Excited to give one a shot again.

    Can't wait to see how it goes for you:)

  2. so awesome that your husband is going to go with. : ) just found your blog and i love it. good luck with your race!!!

  3. wow how wonderful for your husband to go with you :) found your blog! you have a fabulous one here! xo