Sunday, April 3, 2011

A part of my running story....

I recently have been struggling with this running dilemma...

You see I was a college athlete and ran cross-country, indoor and outdoor track in college, a division III school but still I competed and I loved it. So since I was in college for 5 (due to studying in Spain for a semester and student teaching) a few of us team mates decided to run a marathon. Since our eligibility was up and we were still in college :) I never had any desire to run a marathon but knew it would be good training to stay in shape so I said I would train with them. Then somehow I got suckered into registering since they all did...we signed up for Twin Cities 1998. Then as the training got closer we decided to sign up for Chicago a week later due to homecoming week!! We could not miss our last homecoming week in Eau Claire, Wisconsin come on now!!!!

So we drove to Chicago, had friends to stay with and I ran my first marathon ever...finished in 3:27. We pretty much all finished around that we were like let's run Boston since we all qualified! So we ran Boston in 2000. I ran a 3:28 after moving to Colorado and barely training. It's like my mind knew how to run a marathon.

I was a high school Spanish teacher and helped out with the cross country and track team and met a really neat lady that helped us coach. After cross country season we trained for the Las Vegas marathon in February 2002 and I ran my lifetime PR of 3:19!!! After that race I felt like I could still go faster. I looked at my training and it looked like I would need to add more tempo runs to my training. I have always been really good about weekly track workouts and long runs.

Then I went and got my masters in school counseling, gained a few pounds. In 2004 I hired a running coach to train me for a marathon. I ran the Tucson marathon in December 2004 in 3:27. This race was a downhill race and my legs cramped up like never before...I actually had to walk I was super dissapointed with my time...I was on pace for a 3:16. Then I was mad and I signed up for the Twin Cities marathon and ran my worst marathon EVER...3:55...I have not run one since. I have ran half marathons and other races and I really want to train for a full but I must be scared of the pain or something. I wish someone had told me to run more marathons in my 20's I feel like my body just can't handle it anymore. I am average for my weight but not neccessarily for running marathons and I tend to get injured.

Now I am happily married and trying to have a baby so my goal will be to run a full marathon after baby!
I love running (not so much on bad days) but when I feel good I LOVE it. I also have gotten into hiking 14er's out here in Colorado, which I am sure helps my endurance.

So my running journey's so mental and I am very passionate about it.

I ran up Waterton Canyon to drop off my husband when he hiked a portion of the Colorado trail. 

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  1. Hi Denae--So fun to hear what you've been up too. I'm so impressed with all your hiking and running. After my dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia it gave me a very good (bad) excuse to not run much any more. :( I was never the long-distance girl that you were anyway, but did enjoy my 3 mile trail runs.

    Enjoying your entries about your house, too--we're in the midst of major remodeling ourselves. It's exhausting!

    Good luck with the new school year--Emily