Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Mailbox

So some of you may think this is boring but we love doing the simple house projects. This house was such a dump when we bought it that even a new mailbox makes the place look so much cleaner and nice. The old mailbox our postman broke and said that we needed to fix it! My husband left a note and said that actually the mailman broke it and that we will get a new one once we can pour concrete.

Here is the before
My husband posing :)
Then we started!
Mixed concrete
Poured and leveled it
Finally so pretty!!!

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  1. This is the first thing hubs and I did when we bought new land (we're building a house!)---we had to have a mailbox to get mail! We showed up at Home Depot and bought EVERYTHING. Didn't even have a shovel! Really enjoy your blog!