Saturday, September 28, 2013

15 Weeks

Here we go...
How far along: 15 weeks.
Total weight gain:  3 lbs.
What I love: Planning our Guess the Gender Party
Worries: Nothing really...
Sleep: I am sleeping great.
The belly: When I am full it feels bigger but my husband says I look the same. 
Best moment of the week: I am completely off caffeine...I feel good overall and am sleeping great but I usually have caffeine before running. So that has been an adjustment. I don't always "have my pump on" but have been having decent runs.  I just feel out of breathe all the time.
Food cravings: Grapes and apples
Food aversions: Turkey lunch meat
Baby’s Movement: None yet.
My Movement: I only ran 2 days last week, but so far this week has been good with a spin workout, a run/walk and an hour trail run.
Milestones: My pants are getting tighter and I had to change my belt loop hole by one. 
Symptoms: I need to eat only small meals. We went to Ruby Tuesdays on Friday and I didn't even finish my meal and I was  full for a couple hours after. 
Gender: My appointment is October 17th but I will have them put the answer in an envelope and take it to the bakery to make us a cake with either pink or blue frosting. 
What I’m looking forward to: When we cut the cake at the party and find out the gender in front of our close friends and family!
What I miss: Wine, staying up late and training hard for a fall race. 
Next appt: October 8th
Due Date: March 23

My best friend and I at brunch in Denver.


  1. Look how cute your little tummy is :).
    Next fall you can train hard for a race....maybe we can do one together - finally!!
    Glad to hear you're sleeping and doing well all-around.