Saturday, September 14, 2013

Best Summer Recap Ever

I know I haven't posted in a long time, but this has been a post I have been wanting and dreaming to be able to write for quite awhile.

I didn't want to spill the beans on accident and was so excited that I thought I just might especially if I was talking about running.

I am pregnant! About 13 weeks once I hit publish :)

I found out mid July and it felt so surreal, in fact it still does. Going to appointments and hearing the heartbeat makes it so real though.

My husband and I really didn't want to tell anyone until at least 12 weeks however, how can one do that realistically?

We did end telling parents at 8 weeks and I told a few close friends. I figure if I miscarried they would be supportive for me.

This will be my first and I am a bit older...I am 37 and will have just turned 38 when I deliver.

As for running right when I found out I got really scared and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I was on a trail run with a really good friend and up to that point I was running really strong and I just fell way behind and walked up some of the hard parts.

My husband and I went to lift legs that week and again I just felt off and lifted very light.

So I took a week off or running and lifting knowing that I could run and lift and that it's perfectly healthy but I just felt weird.

I did go on some nice long bike rides though.

Then I started getting nauseous like all day long! It sucked not enough to throw up though.
Went to my 61/2 week appointment and heard the heartbeat!!! Then I felt much better and not as anxious.

I then started running again and I was just slow... like 10 minute miles oh well afterwards I felt much better.

So now I am running three days a week on my treadmill before work. This is so nice because I can adjust my speed as needed and also am close to a bathroom.

On the weekends I try to get in 5-7 miles on an easier trail and just go slow.

I want to keep running as long as I can and I want to enjoy this time as it took awhile to get pregnant.

I am trying not to care about my mileage or pace these next months and I hope to come back stronger and faster. I do have guaranteed entry to NY marathon 2014 so that will be a great race to train for.

I also have always admired all of the running moms out there and I hope that I have the determination, stamina, time and mental toughness to be able to as well.

I most likely will try to now post weekly or so not to be annoying, but to document this for me and my family.


  1. Hey Denae, I saw your post on Pinterest and found your blog. Just wanted to say congrats. I am so excited for you. P.S. that's so cool you are doing the NY Marathon! You rock!