Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ski weekend!

In August a friend told us to go to a local sports store and buy discounted lift tickets. You can only get the discounted price on this specific weekend in August. Well I bought a 4-pak to Loveland ski resort!

This past weekend David and I headed up to the mountains. We had the best ski day! Great runs and weather. I really like Loveland because it is a laid back resort and there were no lift lines! I have skied at many Colorado resorts and Loveland is one of my favorites.

We rented a condo in Dillon, which is about 20 minutes from Loveland and packed tons of food and snacks. We hung out in the hot tub after and that felt awesome!

That night my sister and her boyfriend drove up and then we skied together on Saturday. It was an awesome powder day! We were so lucky!!

Friday at Loveland ski resort

David enjoying the view.

After a long day of skiing :)

My sister and I

The gang...the boys board and the girls skied!

Have you skied at Loveland?

Do you ski or snowboard?

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  1. Would I ever love the chance!! I used to board, but my board had to get put away after my hubby had an accident on his. I bit it hard a few times, but nothing serious. :) My boys are wanting to learn now, maybe we will go again at some point.

    Loveland looks Beautiful!! So glad you had a great time :)