Friday, March 1, 2013

NightHawks is OVER...Palisade training BEGINS


It's been awhile...I have all these ideas to blog about but then never get to it!

Here are some updates:

I completed 4 of the 6 Nighthawk snowshoe races at Eldora (here is what Nighthawks is all about).

I placed 1st in my age group 16-39! I won my AG every time and was second female at every race!

It really trashes my legs but so fun!

Now I am transitioning over to half marathon training.

I am going to run the Palisade half marathon again. I ran it last year in a 1:49...under trained. Yeah I know excuses, excuses but last April a really great job opportunity came up and I really needed to prepare for that and I let my training go....but not this year!

Palisade is about 3 hours away and the course is decent. The course begins and ends at 4,725ft. The course then runs along the base of the Grand Mesa for a couple of miles until you hit the orchards and wineries to the turnaround point.

For the most part, this course gradually ascends and descends throughout the race. There is a hill on mile 4 that climbs 195 ft. as you ascend a scenic overlook of the Grand Valley, but whatever it takes from you will be returned on mile 8.

I want to PR from my time last year...

So far training is going well.

Track workouts start next week with the running club and I will continue to do my tempo runs on the TM.

Since I ran the course last year I have a better idea of how to train and where to push it on the course.
Also last year the group I went with we had to book it home right after the I was leaving the hotel I saw the sun shining on the water of the outdoor pool and people drinking wine...this year we are staying 2 nights so we can relax and enjoy the town.

I normally don't repeat races since there are so many out there and so many that I would like to try but this
one was really fun last year and since I had interruptions with my training I want some revenge!

Do you repeat races yearly?

Are there any new races you would like to try?

Leslee and Nicki if you are out there want to join me?

Laura and I waiting for the start at the last Nighthawks snowshoe race 2013. I am the one with the bright headlamp on :)
Raffle Time after last snowshoe race..I won $100 to a bar in Boulder :)

Palisade, CO

Wine Country in Colorado!

Palisade, CO

After half marathon 2012

Wine tasting!!

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