Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's be honest...

I really enjoy reading running blogs. Sometimes on a Saturday before my long run I pull up a few and quickly read them to get motivated for my run. I think to myself if she can do this I can too. I know that many bloggers write to be positive and motivating and that is great! So THANK YOU all for that!

I have read some posts that are on struggles and how a runner got through a tough race mentally. These I appreciate the most. I feel then that I can relate and I feel that the runner is real.

I ran the Palisade half marathon on May 11. I ran it in 2012 as well. I thought I had stepped up my training  and thought I was tougher mentally but apparently not....I ran 2 seconds faster than the year before. 1:49.29 2013 time

Now can I make some excuses? Of course...I am the best at that!
It was a tough course, it was windy this year, the dinner that I ate the night before sat weird in my stomach.
etc, etc....

Bottom line I needed to train more....I thought I knew the course and knew where I needed to step up but running only 15-25 miles a week and some tempos and track workouts aren't's funny...when looking at my garmin my slowest miles were opposite from 2012.

I was so confident that I was going to better my time by 3 or 4 minutes.

As a life long runner I am constantly growing and know that every race can't be amazing.


I was 7th female and last year I was 10th so I thought that was cool!

I really appreciated the was gorgeous hills and all!

I was able to have great conversations with members of the running club and make new friendships.

A great girl weekend in Colorado wine country!

I am grateful that I was able to RUN!

Take away thoughts:

I think instead of re-doing races I need to try new ones!!

I am planning on running a fast course half in June.


I love this shot!

The Finish!
Wine Tasting!

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