Friday, January 18, 2013

Increasing mileage....little by little

My new BFF is my treadmill.

A Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning during a work week looks something like this:

I set my alarm for 4:55 am chug some water and push snooze once.

I have my usually mismatching running outfit laid out on the bathroom floor and then head to the basement to start my day.

I turn on the TV and DVD player and while (currently) season 6 of FRIENDS starts up I put on my shoes and I am on the treadmill.

I usually am starting by 5:10 -5:15

My first mile is SLOW....usually in the 10's but sometimes a high 9.

After that I start speeding things up.

Every workout is different...somedays I just run in the 9's and somedays I go faster after every quarter. Somedays I do 800's or 400's and others a tempo. I usually have the incline at 1%.

I need to start getting ready for work by 5:55 so usually get 3.5-4.25 miles in depending how I am feeling. When I feel good I get in 4-4.25 miles with an 8 something average (including the 10 minute mile).

By working on speed and tempos on the treadmill I have improved my 5k time by quite a bit.

When I am on the treadmill I don't have the fear as much as I do as when I run outside for speed workouts. I seem to push myself more on the treadmill.

I have never run more than 5 miles on the treadmill and am not sure if I ever will. I get my long runs in outside on the weekends.

I am trying to increase my mileage with adding in a 3 mile run after work on trails with co-workers one day a week.  I also will need to add another weekday 3-4 mile run after work. The double days are pretty fun so far :)

The first week of 2103 I ran 20 miles!

The next week only 13 as I had to bike one day because I felt something weird in my leg.

This week I will go back to 20.

The week after I have 23-25 planned

And after that 27+

I plan to run then an easier week.

Eventually I would like to stay consistent and have weekly mileage of 25-30 with an 8-10 mile run on either Saturday or Sunday. The weekend runs are a variety of either trail, dirt paths or roads. My body can't handle too much more than that...

I used to despise the treadmill but with my busy work schedule I cherish the mornings I run on it.

I don't bail on the treadmill either as I have gotten older my brain doesn't seem to have as many commitment issues with working out :)

The only thing is sometimes a girlfriend and I will meet up at 5am outside and run but until the weather gets nicer I am very content with running in my basement!

Do you have a treadmill at home?

What do you watch or listen to while on the treadmill?


  1. I do have a treadmill. It has been making me very happy this winter so far, although I Love to hate it too sometimes! Props to you for getting up so early!

  2. I have a treadmill fear!!! I will hop on it, but I just feel like my gait is weird and sometimes my leg starts hurting..odd I I try to do most of my runs outside, but maybe if I had one in my house it would be different :) Great job on increasing the mileage!

  3. Oh my. My new BFF is my treadmill too since it's -150 degrees here!!!

    You know, I would much prefer being outside but being that it's dark when I go to work and dark when I get home from work, knocking out a few morning treadmill miles is really something I'm often thankful for!!

    I can't watch TV on the TM because it makes me nauseous for some reason so I usually just crank up the tunes thanks to a teenager who makes me some wicked playlists;)