Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Steamboat Springs

The next road trip we took after this one was to Steamboat Springs. I haven't been to SB in years. It is about three hours away and we just haven't explored that part of Colorado. Well, when one of my great friends moved there and we really wanted to visit them and check out the area.

It is the neatest town! We had a blast. My friend and her husband work at CMC, Colorado Mountain College, and we toured the campus. What a great school. Then we headed to 501, what the CMC staff members call happy hour..get it like 5:01pm. We bar hopped and then had a nice dinner.

Saturday we woke up and headed to the Flat Tops Wilderness area. We did a pretty cool hike up to the "Devil's Causeway" It was hyped up and we thought it was going to be scary but it wasn't that scary.

Then we lounged and watched college football and had great food and a great time catching up. When friends move you realize how you take advantage of having them around. We hope to head back in the winter and CC ski and snow shoe!

Great Colors!

Leslee, David and Fred

CMC campus

Les and I on the Yampa river

Devil's causeway

Not scary

Fred and Les

Pretending to be explorers!
We saw a moose on the way home!

Are you scared of heights?

Have you had a friend move away recently?

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  1. I love Steamboat! I haven't been for years but I remember loving it. YES, so so scared of heights.