Monday, October 8, 2012

Core and More

In 2007 or so David introduced me to a friend and old co-worker of his. Her name is Amanda and she had just opened her business called Core and More. Core and More is a gym. She found a great location in the basement of a business building. Her machines were brand new and purple! Her rates were decent. In fact, one of her old clients was a co-worker of mine at the time so we ended up working out together.

How it worked was she had hour long sessions in the afternoon, which was perfect for my schedule as a high school counselor. My coworker and I would change after school into our workout clothes and head straight to core and more. Amanda would then lead us through a lifting session. Amanda is amazing. Some days we would lift upper body, sometimes legs, sometimes mixed with cardio. It was different every time and I was always sore, in a good way, after every session.

The beauty of core and more was it was on my way home so it wasn't a big deal. I went for over a year and she got me in great shape for my wedding. We still joke about when she asked what we wanted to lift for that day and I said back and arms please! My back and arms were in great condition for the wedding :)

Then in 2010 we moved. It wasn't convenient for me to work out there anymore with a thirty minute drive one way. I lifted in my high school gym, where I worked out with the same co-worker, but it wasn't the same. We didn't push ourselves as much as we did than with Amanda.

I also and still am a member of 24 hour so I do lift there occasionally and I love the Body Pump classes but Core and more has always been my favorite.

So when I got my new job at Warren Tech I was sooo happy and excited as core and more is right next store! This school year I have gone back and LOVE it! I am only going once a week but enjoy it so much. there are some nice ladies that I work out with and we push each other. I hope to get toned up again in the next few months!

Do you lift regulary?

Do you go to a private gym or a "big box" like 24 hr?


  1. I loved working out at Core and More. Tell Amanda "hi."

  2. After suffering from a hip injury for 5 months earlier this year, I am a huge advocate of strength training and core work! I love it and will be keeping it as a part of my routine from now on!