Friday, January 24, 2014

31.5 Weeks

Things are going good!

I am still running, but slowly. My shins have been hurting...I have newer shoes, but am thinking just being heavier is impacting.

My shower is planned and I have registered. I am in a good place. We are taking birthing classes and getting the nursery ready.

Overall, I am enjoying pregnancy. Every now and then I am uncomfortable, but so far so good. I am grateful for that.

I always thought that when I was pregnant I would love having the time off of running and letting my body recuperate from years and years of training, but I find myself wanting to workout. I am happy that exercise is instilled in my brain. It's nice not to have a specific workout, but I find myself looking at races that I want to run in the future and actually am craving a schedule. I need to remember this when I am in full on marathon training mode.

I decided to go to the first race of the Nighthawks season. You can read about Nighthawks here.
It's really tough when the ladies you beat last year lap you....very humbling. However, I had a great "race" and had fun so that's what it's about. Not sure if I will go up again this year. I mean I peed two times on the course and I kinda lost my balance a few times so not really worth it to keep baby safe, but we'll see... there is something about snow shoeing at night that is just magical.

Trail running at North Table Mtn Loop...30 weeks

Go Broncos!

Snow Shoe Race at 31.5 weeks!

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  1. Congrats on the pregnancy! You look fantastic!